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Download Toy Dolls – The History Part II (2022) CD Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Toy Dolls

Music Album: The History Part II

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Receiver Records Limited

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 40 Tracks CD

Punk band from Sunderland, UK, formed in October 1979.

Last Known Line-Up:-

Olga (Michael Algar): Vocals, Guitar
Tom Goober (Tom Blyth): Bass Guitar
The Amazing Mr. Duncan (Duncan Redmonds): Drums


Pete Zulu (Peter Robson): Vocals, Guitar (1st)
Hud (Paul Hudson): Vocals, Guitar (2nd)

Bass Guitarists:-

Flip (Philip Dugdale): Bass Guitar, Vocals
Freddie Hotrock (Frederick Roberts): Bass Guitar (2nd)
Bonny Baz (Baz Warne): Bass Guitar (3rd)
Pete Zulu (Peter Robson): Bass Guitar (4th)
Ernie (Ernest Algar): Bass Guitar (5th)
Dean James (Dean Robson): (6th)
K'Cee ( toy_dolls_the_history_part_ii.zip


40 Tracks
1-1 Tune Theme From Dig That Groove0:20
1-2 My Wife's A Psychopath2:52
1-3 Bless You My Son2:31
1-4 My Girlfriends Dads A Vicar1:07
1-5 David's XR23:05
1-6 I'm A Lonely Bastard2:32
1-7 Bowling Barmy2:32
1-8 Park Lane Punch Up3:44
1-9 Taken For A Mug1:57
1-10 We Quit The Cavalry2:59
1-11 She's A Leech2:35
1-12 Melancholy Margaret2:22
1-13 Queen Alexandra Road2:17
1-14 Peters Practices Practice Place2:56
1-15 Dez The Demon Decorator2:57
1-16 Carol Dodds Is Pregnant3:25
1-17 Lester Fiddled The Tax Man2:19
1-18 Drooling Banjos3:53
1-19 She'll Be Back With Keith, Someday3:02
1-20 Yellow Burt1:07
2-1 Up The Garden Path2:43
2-2 Bacherlor Boy/When Garry Married Melanie3:38
2-3 Fat Bobs Feet2:45
2-4 Wipe Out2:04
2-5 Turtle Crazy2:43
2-6 Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead2:54
2-7 Poverty Pleadin' Peter2:21
2-8 Florence Is Deaf2:34
2-9 Any Dream Will Do2:47
2-10 One More Megabyte2:37
2-11 The Coopers Copt Ken's Cash2:30
2-12 Hanky Panky2:51
2-13 Geordies Gone To Jail3:32
2-14 I Tried To Trust Tracy3:39
2-15 We're Mad4:52
2-16 In Tommy's Head2:21
2-17 Deidres A Slag3:26
2-18 Me N' John Williams4:12
2-19 One Night In Moscow2:42
2-20 Toy Doll Tonic (End Bit)1:23

2xcd comes in heavy cardboard digi-book with booklet.

On Cover: Made in England.
On Discs: Made in the E.E.C.

File download is hosted on Megaupload

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