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Band Name: UK Subs

Music Album: Live And Loud!!

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Harry May Record Company

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 22 Tracks CD Album Reissue

The UK Subs were another group that emerged from the scene at The Roxy in London in 1977. Founder and Lead Vocalist Charlie Harper was playing in R&B and pub rock groups before being influenced by bands like The Damned to turn to punk.

The band initially started in 1976 as "The Subversives" with singer Charlie Harper. When the band line-up was based around Harper's growling Cockney vocals with Nicky Garratt on Guitar, Paul Slack on Bass and a variety of drummers they became the "U.K. subversives", later shortened to "U.K. Subs". Although adopting punk stylings, the bands work was still heavily influenced by R&B, albeit played fast. Their sound was most similar to Sham 69 or The Angelic Upstarts, although without the skinhead following

Whilst never having a big hit, several singles made the lower reaches of the Top 30 in the late 70s, including "Stranglehold", "Tomorrow's Girls", a cover of The Zombies classic "She's Not There" and "Warhead". The first two studio LPs "Another Kind of Blues" and "Brand New Age" also made the lower reaches of the album charts.

In 1983 Nicky Garratt left the band along with bass player Alvin Gibbs and then drummer Kim Wylie leaving Charlie Harper to recruit a whole new band.

Garratt would come back in and out of the line-up over the following 25 years whilst Charlie carried on touring and recording with an almos (...)

22 Tracks
1 Rock 'N' Roll Savage2:11
2 Motivator2:17
3 Combat Zone2:12
4 Emotional Blackmail2:28
5 Endangered Species2:49
6 I Robot2:13
7 New York State Police1:47
8 Streets On Fire/Punk Rap1:27
9 Captain Scarlet1:11
10 Sk8 Tough2:06
11 She's Not There1:38
12 Warhead4:15
13 Rockers4:04
14 You Don't Belong2:43
15 Cid1:49
16 Stranglehold1:49
17 Tomorrow's Girls2:02
18 Teenage2:03
19 Thunderbird Wine2:35
20 Brand New Cadillac1:29
21 Roadhouse Blues2:43
22 Back Door Man1:02

Originally Released as "Greatest Hits - Live In Paris"

Made In England

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