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Download Unhinged – Win Our Freedom In Fire (1996) Vinyl Album LP Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Unhinged

Music Album: Win Our Freedom In Fire

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Nabate

Album Release Country: Belgium

Music Record Type: 9 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Formed - Liege, Belgium in 1992.
Disbanded - 1999

The lyrics, written in English and French, are written from an anarchist/autonomist perspective but often take the form of personal reflections on the despair and alienation of modern life. Some were focused on animal rights and vegetarianism. They played a unique style of melodic crusty hardcore-punk with very harsh vocals.

Line up:
Azill Kamizol - Drums (1st album) - (of Hiatus (2), Mobilhead, Trist, and now Loadead). Wills - Bass & mike (Hiatus (2), Trist, Skew Whiff), Ben Fery - Drums (2nd album) (of Hiatus (2), Two-Star Hotel Cheap Killers). Alain - (of Nabate records, Two-Star Hotel). Tomoy - (of Gun Addiction & Ahellagoodbandname. Nat - Sings in 2nd album. Manu - Sings in 1st album.


9 Tracks
A1 Out
A2 Reality
A3 Misere
A4 2.3 Poulets
A5 L'An 01
B1 Caught In The Web
B2 So It Goes
B3 Baudouin The 1st
B4 Violence

Songs 4, 5, 6 & 9 recorded at 195 Studio [1996]. The Five other songs at Ape Records [1995, previously released as second demo]

The LP comes with an insert with lyrics and a screenprinted poster.
Pressing plant from matrix

Also released on CD in 2000 with the first demo as bonus tracks.

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