Union Of Uranus – To This Bearer Of Truth (2004) CD

Band: Union Of Uranus

Album: To This Bearer Of Truth

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Crust

Label: Stonehenge Records

Release Country:

Record Type: 9 Tracks CD

Influential Canadian DIY metallic hardcore/punk band, around in the early/mid 90s.


9 Tracks
1 Panacea4:47
2 Circumstance2:09
3 Face Value2:37
4 Pedestal3:46
5 Revolve5:05
6 Believer5:32
7 Backhand4:01
8 One Eye Strengthens / Weight Of Tomorrow7:26
9 Equilibrate / Pressure3:24

Tracks 1 to 5 recorded at Trax East in 1994.
Tracks 6 & 7 recorded at Rock's Wonderland, 1994.
Tracks 8 & 9 recorded (without Jon) at Sound Of One Hand, 1993.

"Pressure" is a Negative Approach cover.
On the cover "One Eye Strengthens", "Weight Of Tomorrow", "Equilibrate" and "Pressure" are listed as seperate tracks.

2000 CD's pressed 03/04. (blue cover, this)
1000 CD's pressed 08/04. (yellow cover)
Comes with lyrics sheet.

Contains the complete discography:

- the tracks of Disaster By Design 2x7" (released in Europe as 12").
- the tracks of the Uranus / IS 7" with Immoral Squad.
- the tracks of the Backhand cassette / Split E.P. with His Hero Is Gone.

"Thus we never live, but we hope to live; and always disposing ourselves to be happy, it is inevitable that we never become so".

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