V/A – A Country Fit For Heroes 1&2 1994

A very cool re-release is this pretty round disc and both records were originally released in 1982 and 1983 by the legendary short-lived English label No Future Records and we all know the classics. On these both compilations we enjoy some bands which didn’t made a record and some published their stuff that is in demand today. On this sucker we listen to twenty-four passionate, angry punk bashers which I would like to have experienced in Top Of The Pops, haha… After releasing twenty-nine singles and nine LPs, No Future folded.

1.The Future Must Be Ours – BLITZKRIEG
2.Die With Dignity – THE VIOLATORS
3.Government Stinks – THE VIOLATORS
4.Fight Back – HOSTILE YOUTH
5.Government Downfall – THE SAMPLES
6.Jerusalem – ONE WAY SYSTEM
7.Blue Patrol – ATTAK
8.Orders – PROTEST
9.C.L.A. – CRUX
10.Action Man – DISTORTION
11.Power Schemes – PSEUDO SADISTS
12.Whose Bomb – CHAOTIC YOUTH
13.Unknown Soldiers – PATROL
14.Nurse Nurse – PATROL
15.Blood Mania – MANIA
16.Did He Or Didn’t He – GOVERNMENT LIES
17.Condemned – ON PAROLE
18.Criminal Crew – CRIMINAL DAMAGE
19.Country Boy Rocker – A.B.H.
20.Wanna Riot – A.B.H.
21.Snow Blindness – CADAVEROUS CLAN
22.Storm Trooper Tactics – IMPACT
23.Fight And Die – INTENSIVE CARE
24.Ghost Town – INTENSIVE CARE

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