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OK Leute, now we meet a fantastic bootleg which is peppered with eighteen raw and furious punk nuggets from around the world and a label called Reverendo Moon Records from Italy, certainly another synonym for an KBD maniac, pressed this compilation in an edition of 500 copies to the surface. Excellent mix of songs which mark the punk sound between 1977-1981 and you can say what you want: The music was at that time simply better and I wish I had been part of it. Well, no matter. All infos written on the back cover, superb record, let the drugs flow into your brain!

1.R.A.F. – SODS
2.The Hell – THE MAD
3.Poliisi Ramputataas – EPPU NORMAALI
4.I Don’t Care – THE KIDS
5.Punk Man – PREDATOR
6.Intoxication – RANCID X
7.Star In The Street – F.U.2
8.Wall Of Berlin – WIDOWS
9.No Solution – HITLER SS
10.Devil – SEXY ANGELS
11.Johnny, Johnny – JOHNNY CONCRETE
12.Iluinen Rakkaus – RATSIA
13.Low Down Kids – RAZORS
14.Tumor Boy – MENTALLY ILL
15.Amputee – ROTTERS
16.Marodna Pjesma – PARAF
17.Television Viewer – THE VACANTS

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