V/A – Sauerkraut & Smørrebrød 1986

Starting Sunday with a german/danish collaboration of bands. Three of each country. The songs are already partially published (L.U.L.L.), the rest, as far as I know, can’t be found elsewhere. Knübbe Platten brought out this rare compilation, their first and only release and next to the brilliant cover there are fourteen songs with a pretty good punkiesound and rather average lyrics, (I mean especially the German ones, hahaha) but the boys have a lot of humor and we need this kind of humor in this cold grey world, especially in splendid Germoney. Well anyway, I like the record, no vital ceralie, check out for yourselfs, maniacs…
1.Face The Truth – L.U.L.L.
2.Fanny Baron – L.U.L.L.
6.Abstract Anger – ZERO POINT
7.Vertane Zeit – CHANNEL RATS
9.Drikkesangen – WAR OF DESTRUCTION
10.Virkelighed I Vat – WAR OF DESTRUCTION
11.Åh, Hvor Er Jeg Hvid – WAR OF DESTRUCTION
12.Platzangst – DERANGE
13.Hochverrat – DERANGE
14.Abnormal – DERANGE
– Special Thx to Count Yorga –

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