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Band Name: Vanilla Muffins

Music Album: Hail! Hail! Sugar Oi!

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Oi

Record Label: DSS Records

Album Release Country: Austria

Music Record Type: 36 Tracks Vinyl LP

Punk Rock Oi band from Basel, Switzerland

36 Tracks
A1 Sugar Oi! Come On3:06
A2 Goodnight Elvis3:19
A3 We're Disturbing You3:24
A4 Chelsea: Westham2:57
A5 Smash All Your Feelings3:06
A6 Out Of Hope2:13
A7 Capucine3:08
A8 Tribute Song4:43
B1 For What I Fight With You3:40
B2 I'm Nearly Evil2:56
B3 An Old Flame4:01
B4 Storm Over England5:21
B5 Ladies Choice2:55
B6 Duke Of Coventry2:59
B7 Long, Wrong Way3:54
C1 Blue Red Rose2:47
C2 My Angel3:08
C3 I Wanna Be Your Monster2:18
C4 Always On The Wrong Side2:30
C5 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby?2:19
C6 You Come Back To Switzerland3:20
C7 Didn't See You, I Hate Again2:10
C8 Young Blooded Rebel2:04
C9 Bamm, And The Battle Cries3:19
C10 Scoring Goals3:34
D1 You're Strong2:21
D2 Winter's Keeping You Warm2:40
D3 Never Ask About That2:32
D4 I Don't Like You1:59
D5 Ultra Fine Day2:34
D6 I Wanna Be Somebody3:06
D7 Up Your Irons3:14
D8 You Better Go Now2:27
D9 She's Not My Age2:14
D10 FCB2:39
D11 Breakdown1:57

All songs written by Colin Brandle except A1 by Colin Brandle/Frankie Flame, D6 by Lawless, and D11 by Jagger / Richards.
Gatefold sleeve incl. colored sheet

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