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Band Name: Varaus

Music Album: Requiem

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Kråklund Records

Album Release Country: Finland

Music Record Type: 19 Tracks CD

Varaus was a Finnish punk band. The band was founded in around 1981-82 and released their first record, a single sided album called ½, in 1983. The band split up in April 1985 and has never performed after that. Kråklund Records released a compilation of Varaus's recordings in 1996.

19 Tracks
1 Nagasaki '84
2 Rastat Rastat
3 Poikkeustila
4 Verta
5 Viikonloppu
6 Huutoja
7 Tuomittu Elämään
8 Totaalinen Rakkaus
9 Tuhoava Voima
10 Vitun Orja
11 Raiskattu
12 Syyllinen
13 Sota
14 Viimeinen Rukous
15 Väsynyt Nöyrtymään
16 Uusi Järjestys
17 Tuulia
18 Raivohullu
19 Kun Järjestelmä Hajoaa

Tracks 1-6 taken from 1/2 LP.

Recorded at Finnsound 1982.

Produced by Varaus.

Published by Varaus Records.

Tracks 7-10 taken from Tuomittu Elämään EP.

Track 7-13 recorded at Base-Studio 1983.

Produced by Varaus & Guts Leiden.

Published by Varaus Records.

Tracks 14-19 taken from Yalta Hi-Life compilation LP.

Recorded at Subway-Studio 1984.

Produced by Varaus & Guts Leiden.

Published by Barabbas Records.

500 copies made.

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