Vilently Ill – Heal The Earth (2020) Vinyl LP

Band: Vilently Ill

Album: Heal The Earth

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Peer Pressure Zombie

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 20 Tracks Vinyl LP

20 Tracks
A1 Heal The Earth1:10
A2 Born To Die0:35
A3 Hit N' Run Hardcore0:30
A4 I'm A Loser0:49
A5 Viet Nam Vet0:45
A6 Slit Your Wrists0:44
A7 Give The Finger To Society0:50
A8 Peer Pressure Zombies1:08
A9 Monday Sucks1:00
A10 Happy2:00
B1 My Old Girlfriend Blew Her Brains Out0:53
B2 It Now All Makes Sense0:30
B3 Self Deform0:34
B4 Head Case0:39
B5 Get Outta My Way0:45
B6 Just Leave Me Alone0:45
B7 All Wound Up1:05
B8 Nobody's Friend1:27
B9 You're All Expendable1:16
B10 Sensitive New Wave Guy2:30

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