Violent Children – Rock Against Spindlers (1987) 8-Track Cartridge Album

Band: Violent Children

Album: Rock Against Spindlers

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: TPOS

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 19 Tracks 8-Track Cartridge Album

Seminal early 80's Danbury, Connecticut (USA) hardcore band often remembered for including a young Ray Cappo on drums.

19 Tracks
Tr1.1 Split Scene
Tr1.2 New Pride
Tr2.1 New Pride
Tr2.2 Culture Sucks
Tr3.1 Hilton
Tr3.2 Peer Pressure
Tr4.1 The Smell
Tr4.2 Live Free And Die
Tr5.1 Warren The Thief
Tr5.2 Skate Straight
Tr5.3 Poison Breath
Tr6.1 Violent Children
Tr6.2 Complaint
Tr7.2 United Nutmeg
Tr7.3 Hard Core Pride
Tr7.4 Split Scene (2)
Tr8.1 Talk
Tr8.2 Interview

This 8-track version contains more material than the cassette album (an interview and a spoken word peice)

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