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Download Weezer throw a “Happy Hour” on Colbert: Watch Megaupload


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Weezer stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night to play “Happy Hour” off of their recently released Pacific Daydream. The band’s 11th album overall and second in as many years may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Rivers Cuomo and co.’s performance was simple and enjoyable. Typically seen wailing away at a guitar, the frontman instead grooved behind a keyboard as a collage of images that matched the lyrics flashed on the screens around the band. Check out the replay above.

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Pacific Daydream follows 2016’s self-titled release, aka theWhite AlbumWeezer seems poised to make it three records in three years, as frontman River Cuomo recently stated in an interview that the band’s upcoming Black Album could be out by next May. To see how we feel about the band’s ever-evolving catalogue, check out our recent ranking of every Weezer record from worst to best. Hey, they can’t all be Pinkerton (which was much maligned when it was first released) y’all.

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