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Music Album: This Side Up / White Frogs

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Alarma Records (3)

Album Release Country: Italy

Music Record Type: 5 Tracks Vinyl 7" EP

Melodic Hardcore band from São Paulo, Brazil formed in 1993.

5 Tracks
A1 Changes
A2 My Life
B1 Our Friendly
B2 Respect
B3 U'R The Government

3-way foldout sleeve printed on all sides with artwork, pics, lyrics and info.

Tracks A1, A2 recorded and mixed in March 1996 at Electric Lady studios in Rome.

Track B3 originally performed by Bad Religion.

Released June 1996.

Total # of records pressed: 3,600

(There is also the entire pressing of this record on Alarma records, out of the US. The cover is different with bands' names written on the top and the bottom of the cover and there's an insert with lyrics and pics. The catalog number on the vinyl reads AR004. The quantity of this pressing is unknown.)

5 test presses on black vinyl with blank labels

1st press:

1 black vinyl with red and blue dots

1 burgundy vinyl with blue dots

4 red vinyl with blue dots

10 black vinyl with red

12 black vinyl with blue dots

80 dirty red vinyl

1,392 black vinyl

2nd press:

2,016 black vinyl (the cover of the 2nd press is printed on a slightly lighter paper and the seal inside has only the current Goodwill address)

3rd press:

74 on bright yellow vinyl

10 on swirled orange vinyl (the cover of the 3rd press is again the same as for the first press, except for the seal that bears only the current Goodwill address)

Split Italy/US release. From the liner notes:

"...The initial idea was to release this 7" EP both on Goodwill Records [...] and a label in Brazil [...] Apparently the pressing plants of vinyl have closed in Brazil, so our friends from White Frogs contacted Alarma Records, an American label who kindly offered to print this record in the States..."

Cat# appears only on runout groove.

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