WIPERS – Over The Edge 1983

What would be a 4 December without the Wipers? Right, a useless day without drugs. My absolute favorite US band and the third album shines with eleven catchy emotional nuggets im typical Wipers sound and I can lend my ears at any time to every record, unchallenged and extraordinary in every way, touches me every time. A few words which I stole somewhere and exactly hit the point I think: “Like the previous two albums, Over The Edge must have had (and still has) the capacity to make quite an impact on you if you’re in that phase of your life when you wonder whether it’s all worth it, when you’re wondering what the fuck you’re doing at the place where you are and how you’re gonna find a way out of the mess.” I have the Braineater copy with red labels and all downers are re-upped, go searching for it and enjoy the music!

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