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Wipers – Wipers Box Set (Is This Real? – Youth Of America – Over The Edge) (2020) CD Album Reissue Remastered Box Set

Band: Wipers

Album: Wipers Box Set (Is This Real? - Youth Of America - Over The Edge)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock New Wave

Label: Zeno Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 51 Tracks CD Album Reissue Remastered Box Set

Wipers was a recording project formed in 1977 by Greg Sage in Portland, OR. First conceived as a studio project, they originally planned to release fifteen LPs over ten years and completely avoid doing tours or interviews. They disbanded in 1989 after releasing six studio albums, but reformed in 1993 to release three more albums. They disbanded for good in 1999.

51 Tracks
Is This Real?
1-1 Return Of The Rat2:38
1-2 Mystery1:47
1-3 Up Front3:04
1-4 Let's Go Away1:49
1-5 Is This Real?2:39
1-6 Tragedy2:01
1-7 D-74:05
1-8 Potential Suicide3:34
1-9 Don't Know What I Am2:57
1-10 Window Shop For Love2:59
1-11 Wait A Minute3:04
Bonus Tracks
1-12 Born With A Curse1:48
1-13 Rebel With A Cause2:11
1-14 Misfit1:36
1-15 Mystery1:46
1-16 Tragedy2:11
1-17 Let's Go Away1:52
1-18 Is This Real?2:40
1-19 Alien Boy3:23
1-20 Image Of Man2:29
1-21 Telepathic Love1:32
1-22 Voices In The Rain1:22
Youth Of America
2-1 No Fair4:25
2-2 Youth Of America10:27
2-3 Taking Too Long3:07
2-4 Can This Be2:55
2-5 Pushing The Extreme3:13
2-6 When It's Over6:36
Bonus Tracks
2-7 Scared Stiff2:53
2-8 Pushing The Extreme3:11
2-9 No Fair4:31
2-10 When It's Over6:26
2-11 Youth Of America10:26
Over The Edge
3-1 Over The Edge3:49
3-2 Doom Town3:56
3-3 So Young4:17
3-4 Messenger1:55
3-5 Romeo4:05
3-6 Now Is The Time3:02
3-7 What Is2:19
3-8 No One Wants An Alien3:23
3-9 The Lonely One3:38
3-10 No Generation Gap3:09
3-11 This Time2:54
Bonus Tracks
3-12 Mistaken ID3:05
3-13 No Solution2:30
3-14 Doom Town3:56
3-15 The Lonely One3:37
3-16 Now Is The Time3:04
3-17 Romeo4:05
3-18 Our Past Life1:27

The Wipers first 3 classic LP's digitally re-mastered, 23 bonus tracks and 6 never before released songs with liner notes by Greg Sage

1-1 to 1-11: Is This Real?.
Bonus tracks: 1-12: Wipers first song ever recorded in 1979 but was never released / 1-13: was originally recorded for "Is This Real?" but was never released / 1-14: a very early recording that also was never released / 1-15 to 1-18: songs of the original 4 track recording of "Is This Real?" / 1-19 to 1-22: The Alien Boy EP
β„— 2001 ZENO Records Β© 1980 TRAP Records

2-1 to 2-6: Youth Of America.
Bonus tracks: 2-7: was recorded during the "YOA" sessions with a 4 piece horn section. This song was mixed bright to bring out the feel of edginess with the horns but did not fit the dark mood of the "YOA" LP. Sadly it was never released. / 2-8, 2-9, 2-11: out-take mixes from another studio with some slight differences. "YOA" has a different feel with the snare up front and the guitars blended more edgy. / 2-10: recorded with a different drummer who was later replaced by Brad Naish and his awesome hypnotic style.
β„— 2001 ZENO Records Β© 1981 TRAP Records

3-1 to 3-11: Over The Edge.
Bonus tracks: 3-12: recorded live 1983 in San Francisco. Mistaken ID was a song we had plans to record for "Over The Edge", but was forgotten. / 3-13: recorded at the "OTE" sessions, the flipside for the "Romeo" EP. / 3-14 to 3-16: out-take mixes for "OTE" with some differences. / 3-17: a different mix and vocal track with a lot more horn section. / 3-18: a short instrumental demo we almost recorded for "OTE".
β„— 2001 ZENO Records Β© 1983 TRAP Records

Made in the USA

Issued in a black Fatboy box with a 16-page booklet.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 209 customer reviews

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