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Choking Victim
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Wolfbrigade – Progression / Regression (2020) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Wolfbrigade

Album: Progression / Regression

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Plastic Bomb Records

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 15 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Hardcore / punk band from Stockholm / Sweden, formerly known as Wolfpack.

Current line-up:
Micke - Vocals
Jocke - Guitar
Johan - Bass
Erik - Guitar
Tommy - Drums

Today's Overdose is a side-project of the band.

15 Tracks
A1 This Is Life
A2 EU (European Union)
A3 My Escape
A4 Chemical Straight Jacket
A5 Gasping For A Breath
A6 The Life Cycle Will Turn I
A7 The Life Cycle Will Turn II
A8 Archetype Of Society
A9 Feelings You Don't Want To Feel
B1 Crucify
B2 Välfärds Land
B3 Makes Me Choke
B4 Ugly Stains
B5 Mind Unleashed
B6 Media Sight

Recorded March 2001 at Studio Skogsbryet and MY.T Studios.
Mixed at MY.T Studios.
Mastered at Digitalfabriken.

The picture disc is housed in a plain plastic sleeve. It includes a cardboard lyrics insert.

Pressing company uncredited, identified by the matrix scheme.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 92 customer reviews

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