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Yak – This House Has No Living Room (Featuring J. Spaceman)

Longstanding MM faves the London-based trio Yak will release their new album Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness next month on Virgin EMI and Third Man Records. We’ve already given you a couple of standout tracks from the record and today, they are sharing another – the brilliant, widescreen new track This House Has No Living Room ft. J Spaceman.

During the latter stages of the album recording process, Yak frontman Oli Burslem withdrew to Jason Pierce’s (Spiritualized) home studio to piece the album together. It was during these few days that Pierce applied his vocals and slide guitar to the dazed finale, which sails out on Oli’s own field recording of birdsong.

Oli explains, “This is the last song we recorded at RAK and it’s definitely my favourite. It sums the whole record up. I guess it’s inspired by mortality and memories of loved ones past and present. It also features my good friend John Coxon on piano and harmonica without whom I doubt the band would be where we are today. If it’s the last piece of music I ever make I’ll be happy.”

Watch the video made with never-before-seen 8mm footage from the archive of elusive cult photographer and filmmaker John Kayser (courtesy of Jason Brinkerhoff).



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