The Led Farmers “Katie”
Release date: September 1st, 2016
Running time: 53:06, 14 tracks (11 + 3 radio edits)

The Led Farmers’ debut album was called “Lucy” and their sophomore album is titled “Katie”. It seems that they have a predilection for girl names when they have to choose the title for their albums. Bassist Patrick Shortall left the band and now Ross O’Farrell has switched from guitar and bouzouki to bass guitar and new member Séamus Long is in charge of guitar.

Katie” consists of 14 tracks, but the last three songs are radio versions of tracks no. 1, 5 and 8. Five songs have been written by banjo player Brendan Walsh and the rest of the songs are traditional numbers.

These are the most interesting songs on the album IMHO: “Share the Wealth” (video here ), a lively banjo and tin whistle driven number; “The White Set”, a kick-ass set of traditional tunes arranged by Brendan and Ross; “Thomas Jefferson”, a catchy sing along track with amazing banjo picking. ; and the original instrumental “Space” featuring once again guest tin whistler Roman Haller.

Other tracks to check out: “Row by Row”, a song with a Californian folk rock from the 60’s twist, the cover of “Rare Old Mountain Dew” with a live atmosphere approach, and “The Irish Rover”, which was in fact recorded live at a gig.

The Led Farmers sound really tight on “Katie” and they have grown-up as a band. If you like Irish ballads (traditional or new stuff from the XXIst century), grab a copy.

Track list:

01. Share The Wealth 3:58
02. Rare Old Mountain Dew (Trad) 2:47
03. To Offer 4:26
04. The White Set (Trad) 3:41
05. Row By Row 4:29
06. Star Of the County Down (Trad) 3:11
07. The Irish Rover (Live) 3:58
08. Thomas Jefferson 5:02
09. Space 3:28
10. The Foggy Dew (Trad) 4:01
11. Raglan Road (Trad) 3:26

Radio Versions:

12. Row By Row 3:50
13. Thomas Jefferson 3:23
14. Share The Wealth 3:22

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Review by Kinksmarkham

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