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Band Name: Король И Шут

Music Album: Собрание

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Pop Rock Ska

Record Label: JRC

Album Release Country: Ukraine

Music Record Type: 24 Tracks CD

Korol' i Shut (King and Jester, Russian: Король и Шут) is a Russian horror punk band from Saint Petersburg who takes its inspiration and costumes from tales and fables.

The band was formed in 1988 by school friends in Saint Petersburg around founder members Михаил "Горшок" Горшенев (Mikhail "Jug" Gorshenev), Александр Балунов (Alexandr Balunov) and Александр Щиголев (Alexander Shchigoliev). Singer Андрей "Князь" Князев (Andrei "Knyaz" Kniazev) joined the band in 1990 and guitarist Яков Цвиркунов (Yakov Tsvirkunov) in 1997. The band's name, which means The King and the Jester, was adopted in 1992, its previous name was Контора (Bureau).

Korol' i Shut is the first Russian band that refers to tales figures like trolls, dwarves and vampires, as well as contains many figures from Slavic mythology.

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24 Tracks
1 Камнем По Голове2:35
2 Два Вора И Монета2:13
3 Сапоги Мертвеца2:26
4 Садовник3:42
5 Два Друга И Разбойники2:11
6 Дурак И Молния1:52
7 Охотник2:32
8 Песня Мушкетеров3:47
9 Тяни2:53
10 Мотоцикл2:50
11 Смельчак И Ветер2:58
12 Кукла Колдуна3:22
13 Невеста Палача4:22
14 От Женщин Кругом Голова1:30
15 Любовь И Пропеллер2:35
16 Наблюдатель4:42
17 Валет И Дама3:08
18 Ведьма И Осел2:55
19 Отец И Маски3:00
20 Лесник3:08
21 Забытые Ботинки2:46
22 Король И Шут2:38
23 Прыгну Со Скалы3:13
24 Собрание4:03

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