Star Fucking Hipsters
Yacopsae power violence

Dead Kennedys
Up the punx - Nevermind the media, corporations and their ignorance

Capitalism = Death
Doom - Corrupt fucking system

Discharge - Decontrol
Discharge - disensitise: (vb) deny - remove - destroy

Annihilation Radio #216 (11.10.18)


  I’m not listing the track list for this show yet because we are doing a contest to give away a copy of Tragedy’s new album entitled Fury. To enter, all you have to do is email me a list of the bands that we played on this show and the person with the most correct guesses will get a copy of the record sent to them free of charge. In case of a tie, I will select the person that emailed me first. For extra credit, you can list song titles or album information. Even if you don’t know all of the bands that we played, you might have a chance to win just guessing three or four of them. The deadline to email me by is December 8th. Just a reminder, all of the bands are Japanese. Thanks for listening and good luck!! You can send all submissions to:

If the download source is down, corrupt, or the link is not correct, please post a comment informing us of it. I will fix it as soon as possible. For release information about the albums we played on this show, visit this page.

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The oppressed - Antifa hooligans
The Restarts - Delusion

The Pist

Mischief Brew - Boiling breakfast early
Against all authority - Destroy what destroys you

Conflict - liberate

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