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Band Name: Bérurier Noir

Music Album: Meilleurs Extraits Des Deux Concerts A Paris

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Record Label: V.I.S.A.

Album Release Country: France

Music Record Type: 13 Tracks Cassette

French legendary punk band who have stood definitively out of the media system.
With a minimum of ways (a rythm box, a guitar, a voice and later a saxophone), they went to the essential : pure energy, committed lyrics and independance in any case. Through the years their popularity grew bigger and bigger, so much as mainstream radios tried to organize concerts with them.

13 Tracks
Premier Acte
A1 J'Ai Peur
A2 Manifeste
A3 Nada
A4 Les Béruriers Sont Les Rois
A5 Il Tua Son Petit Frère
A6 Hôpital Lobotomie
B1 Traumatisme Les Eléphants
B2 Lobotomie Hôpital
Propagande Bérurière
B3 Fin Du Discours Crosses
B4 Les Bûcherons
B5 Chromosome Y
B6 Frères D'Armes
B7 Hôpital De Force (Version Chorale)

Re-release of Meilleurs Extraits Des Deux Concerts À Paris. Blue or black print on tape.
Comes in white cassette shell, duplication by MPO.
Distribution by New Rose.

A1 to B2 : Live usine Pali Kao, 19 Feb 1983
Mixed at Studio Mesa 17 April 1983
B3 to B7 : Live in "salle de la Roquette" 1 june 1983
Mixed at Studio Mesa 12 July 1983

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