Britney Spears Dominates Backstreet Boy Howie D. During ‘Freakshow’ Performance


By Abby Hassler

Lovers of both Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys can rejoice. This past weekend (April 1), the iconic singer brought The Backstreet Boys’ Howie D. on stage during her Las Vegas Piece Of Me show.

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A far cry away from the boy band’s performance at the 52nd ACM Awards the next day, leather-wearing Spears tied Howie D. up and walked him around on all fours during her song “Freakshow.”

The Backstreet Boys shared a fan video over social media with the caption, “Leave it to Britney Spears to bring out the freakshow in Howie D! What happens in Vegas… #pieceofme #pieceofhowie #bsbvegas”

Watch the video below.

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