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Download Mano Negra – The Best (1997) CD Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Mano Negra

Music Album: The Best

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Latin Pop Folk, World, & Country Pachanga Alternative Rock Pop Rock

Record Label: Not On Label (Mano Negra)

Album Release Country: Russia

Music Record Type: 30 Tracks CD

French band formed in 1986 in Paris and disbanded in 1995. Their music is a mix of punk rock, flamenco, ska, raï, salsa, reggae and African rhythms.

30 Tracks
Patchanka - 1988
1 Mano Negra (Part I)1:44
2 Baby You're Mine2:55
3 Indios De Barcelona2:34
4 Noche De Accion2:45
5 Mala Vida2:53
6 La Ventura2:28
7 Lonesome Bop2:57
Pute's Fever - 1989
8 Mano Negra (Part II)0:57
9 King Kong Five1:56
10 Soledad2:34
11 Sidi H'Bibi2:36
12 Pas Assez De Toi2:19
13 Magic Dice1:23
14 Mad House2:40
15 Patchanka3:05
16 La Rançon Du Succes1:57
17 The Devil's Call1:42
18 El Sur1:00
19 Pachuko Hop2:28
King Of Bongo - 1991
20 Letter To The Censors2:30
21 El Jako2:48
22 It's My Heart1:42
23 Out Of Time Man3:25
24 Mme Oscar2:37
25 Furious Fiesta1:26
26 Paris La Nuit3:20
Casa Babylon - 1994
27 The Monkey2:47
28 Señor Matanza4:06
29 Love And Hate2:28
30 Hamburger Fields3:14

Tracks 1 to 7 taken from the album "Patchanka" (1988),
Tracks 8 to 19 taken from the album Puta's Fever (1989),
Tracks 20 to 26 taken from the album King Of Bongo (1991),
Tracks 27 to 30 taken from the album Casa Babylon (1994).

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