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Ebba Grön – 1978-1982 (1987) CD

Band: Ebba Grön

Album: 1978-1982

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Label: Mistlur

Release Country: Sweden

Record Type: 22 Tracks CD

Swedish punk band formed in Stockholm in 1977.
They changed their name to Ebba Grön from The Haters after two weeks.
Ebba Grön consisted of Joakim Thåström (lead vocals, guitar), Gunnar Ljungstedt (drums) and Lennart Eriksson (bass guitar, backing vocals).
Thåström, Ljungstedt and Eriksson were also known as Pimme, Gurra and Fjodor.
After the release of their second album in 1981, they were joined by a fourth member, Anders Sjöholm, also known as Stry Terrarie, on keyboard. The group disbanded in 1983.

22 Tracks
1 Profit2:03
2 Ung & Sänkt1:57
3 Tyst För Fan2:29
4 Mona Tumbas Slim Club2:25
5 Vad Skall Du Bli?2:40
6 Häng Gud2:03
7 We're Only In It For The Drugs4:20
8 Totalvägra1:49
9 Beväpna Er3:18
10 Det Måste Vara Radion2:07
11 Pervers Politiker2:02
12 Staten & Kapitalet5:21
13 Ung & Kåt3:11
14 800°3:44
15 Mamma Pappa Barn2:58
16 Mental Istid3:01
17 Sheisse3:10
18 Flyktsoda3:53
19 Uppgång & Fall3:37
20 Die Mauer4:01
21 Tittar På TV5:28
22 Nu Släckas Tusen Människoliv2:54

Tracks 1-2 recorded in studio Marcus Musik, March 1978. (P) 1978. From the Antirock 7".

Tracks 3-4 recorded with Mistlur's Mobile Sound Studio. (P) 1978. From the Prorock 7".

Tracks 5-6 recorded with Mistlur's Mobile Sound Studio. (P) 1979. From the Totalpop 7".

Tracks 7-11 recorded with Mistlur's Mobile Sound Studio. From the album We're Only In It For The Drugs (P) 1980.

Tracks 12-13 recorded in MNW Studio in Vaxholm in spring 1980. (P) 1980. From the Ung & Kåt / Staten & Kapitalet 7".

Tracks 14-16 recorded in Mistlur Studio in Dec '80 & Jan/Feb '81. From the album Kärlek & Uppror (P) 1981.

Track 17 recorded in Mistlur Studio. (P) 1981. From the Scheisse 7".

Tracks 18 and 20-21 recorded & mixed in Silence Studio Jan/Feb '82. From the album Ebba Grön. (P) 1982.

Track 19 recorded & mixed in Mistlur Studio. From the album Ebba Grön. (P) 1982.

Track 22 recorded in studio Bastun for the magazine Schlager. Taken from the Det Är Inte Snön Som Faller / Nu Släckas Tusen Människoliv 7".

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