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Cosmic Psychos – Down On The Farm & Cosmic Psychos (1987) CD

Band: Cosmic Psychos

Album: Down On The Farm & Cosmic Psychos

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Label: Amphetamine Reptile Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 17 Tracks CD

Australian punk trio which was formed in the mid 80s. Originally, Bill Walsh and Peter Jones were playing in the band called Spring Plains, which broke up in 1985. That same year they invited Ross Knight to join the group and thus Cosmic Psychos were born. Robbie Watts replaced Peter Jones after the recording of the live, "Slave To The Crave" album in 1990. After a long hiatus, at the end of 2005, the Psychos went to the studio to record the new album "Off ya Cruet!" with a new drummer Dean Muller that replaced Bill Walsh.
After the shock about the tragic loss of Robbie Watts, it was an option to drop the brand "Cosmic Psychos", but Ross was overwhelmed by the grief and support of the fans, so he decided, with full support of Robbie's kids: "There's more beer to be drunk!" John Onya (from the Onyas) was chosen as the one to play the guitar as he has already been friend of the band for quite some time.

17 Tracks
Down On The Farm
1 Custom Credit5:59
2 Down On The Farm3:18
3 She's A Cat2:34
4 Crazy Woman7:39
5 Gangrene Dream6:24
Cosmic Psychos
6 Decadence1:45
7 Going Down2:01
8 Lead Me Astray2:07
9 No Complications3:00
10 Rain On You2:07
11 Quarter To Three5:13
12 Tell Me That You Love Me2:40
13 Jellyfish4:54
14 Rambo3:20
15 Can't Come In2:20
16 74 Seconds2:13
17 David Lee Roth3:13

Tracks 1-5 taken from the album "Down On The Farm"
All material recorded on 2-track using hired & borrowed equipment, 1985.
First released on Mr. Spaceman Records in 1985.
β„— 1985 Cosmic Psychos
Tracks 6-16 taken from the eponymous first album.
Recorded at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne 1987.
β„—&Β© 1987

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