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Band Name: Gauze

Music Album: Equalizing Distort +

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Thrash Hardcore

Record Label: 防謀

Album Release Country:

Music Record Type: 19 Tracks Vinyl LP

Hardcore punk band from Japan, who formed in Fall 1981.

19 Tracks
A1 Pressing On
A2 Crash The Pose
A3 Thrash Thrash Thrash
A4 Katte Ni Sarase
A5 Fact And Criminal
A6 Pa Pa Pa
A7 Low Charge
A8 Absinth Trip
A9 Distort Japan
A10 I I Nari
B1 Don't Do Too Much
B2 Hit And Smash It
B3 Passion Fashion
B4 Screw
B5 Let Go It Self
B6 I I Nari
B7 Pa Pa Pa
B8 Shot
B9 Pressing On

This bootleg LP is a partial Gauze discography, containg the entire "Equalizing Distort" LP as well as their compilation tracks from the "Thrash Till Death" and "A Farewell To Arms" LP releases. It comes with an insert that has the song lyrics in English and Japanese and cover scans of the original releases featured on this record.

Tracks A1-A10 are from the "Equalizing Distort" LP.

Tracks B1-B5 are from the "Thrash Till Death" compilation LP.

Tracks B6-B9 are from the "A Farewell To Arms" compilation LP.

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