Totalitar - allting ar pa latsas

Aus-Rotten - People are not expendable, governement is
Punk Skull similar to The Exploited

Choking Victims - Things keep getting caught in my throat

Flux Of Pink Indians - A//E
Aus-Rotten - if only your veins were filled with oil the world would rush to your rescue

Carpenter Ant – Get Over It (2020) Vinyl Album LP CD Album

Band: Carpenter Ant

Album: Get Over It

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Thrash Hardcore

Label: Doppelganger Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 22 Tracks Vinyl Album LP CD Album

Skatepunk band active since 2000. Based out of the Lehigh Valley, PA.

22 Tracks
A1 It's Lonely At The Top0:50
A2 Life Long Curse1:59
A3 Instructional Tape0:55
A4 Closet Case2:06
A5 I'm Not An Athlete1:46
A6 S.P.S.C.I2:07
B1 Bury The Stupid1:22
B2 Sir-Lous-Alot1:13
B3 Spent3:21
B4 Out With The Old Hat2:04
B5 Battles3:38
CD.01 It's Lonely At The Top0:50
CD.02 Life Long Curse1:59
CD.03 Instructional Tape0:55
CD.04 Closet Case2:06
CD.05 I'm Not An Athlete1:46
CD.06 S.P.S.C.I2:07
CD.07 Bury The Stupid1:22
CD.08 Sir-Lous-Alot1:13
CD.09 Spent3:21
CD.10 Out With The Old Hat2:04
CD.11 Battles3:38

LP and CD combo package. Items are not sold separately. Same tracks on both items.

Runout etchings say "dgr-06" despite DGR-007 being printed on the cover.

This was pressed on lots of different colors. Info taken from

216 Pressed Burgandy

118 Pressed Grey

100 Pressed Black (Pointless Fest 2006 Edition)

95 Pressed Red

83 Pressed Green Swirl

75 Pressed Purple Swirl

59 Pressed Light Green Swirl

54 Pressed Deep Purple

48 Pressed Clear Yellow

48 Pressed Pink

45 Pressed Clear

20 Pressed Clear Green

12 Pressed Salmon Swirl

4 Pressed White

1 Pressed Puke

1 Pressed Orange Pink Swirl

1 Pressed Clear W/ Red Swirl

1 Pressed Baby Shit

1 Pressed Salt And Pepper

1 Pressed Semen

1 Pressed White Pink Swirl

100 were released before official release (due to long time of not being released.) These 100 were available at Pointless Fest 2006 even though it was canceled on day two. They had black and white covers.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 190 customer reviews

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