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Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – In Your Barcalounger (1999) Vinyl Album 7″

Band: Me First & The Gimme Gimmes

Album: In Your Barcalounger

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Alternative Tentacles

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 2 Tracks Vinyl Album 7"

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes is a punk rock cover band that formed in 1995. Drawn together by a mutual love of 1960s, '70s and '80s music, the Gimme Gimmes work exclusively as a cover band and have covered songs from such artists as Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, and John Denver (to name but a few).
The band is composed of several very recognizable faces in the new-school punk rock scene, including Spike Slawson of the $wingin' Utter$ , Fat Mike from NOFX, Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters (and formerly No Use For A Name), as well as Joey Cape and me_first__the_gimme_gimmes_in_your_barcalounger.zip


2 Tracks
A Fire And Rain
B You've Got A Friend

1st pressing on black vinyl with brown B side label.

2nd pressing on black vinyl with blue B side label. [This]

The release incorrectly credits J.Taylor as the writer of both tracks. Written by Carole King is added as uncredited.

Lower right corner of the frontside of the sleeve reads: "Collector's item produced especially for Barcalounger reclining chairs by Alternative Tentacle Records. A custom virus of Alternative Tentacles."

A side label reads at bottom: "Celebrating 20 Years of Harmful Matter."

Rated 4.5/5 based on 66 customer reviews

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