[One-Off] – ‘The Gold and the Silver Dream’ (1971-1982) (After Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’)


Hello!  Musicophilia is at this point mostly a memory–but it’s back from the dead, at least for a little while!  If you’re reading this, thanks for remembering.  Architecture grad school is in the rear-view after three years of all-consuming work, so I finally have a little time for mix making.  I’ve been listening and buying music as much as I could, and I’ve started (in my mind, at least) a dozen mixes, so who knows, maybe life will allow the opportunity to finish them.  Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ was release two days after I graduated, and listening to it (again and again) has felt like a celebration.  It’s an album tailor-made for fans of this blog, connecting the dots between so many sonic obsessions that are the motivation behind the Musicophilia mixes.  So it seemed only natural–and honestly, I couldn’t shake the desire, even in the midst of finishing a thesis–to honor the album with a mix.

‘The Gold and the Silver Dream’ isn’t a Daft Punk influences mix, and it isn’t meant to correspond to the album in any direct way.  Instead, I put it together as a way of spending more time in the space ‘Random Access Memories’ occupies.  It’s filled with the same warm, wonderful sounds of funky, melancholic robots skirting around the edges of the discotheque, alternately wondering what life’s about and deciding it’s all about forgetting to worry what it’s all about. There’s space disco, library funk, sophisticated rhythmic orchestrations, savvy art-rock, psych-poppers and proggers gone dancefloor, and a singer-songwriter or two–all meeting in those blissful sonic years 1971-1982 from which Daft Punk brewed their latest potions.  So if you like Musicophilia’s faux-vintage ‘Le Tour du Monde‘ series, or the dance-oriented ‘Les Rythmes du Monde‘ mixes, or the spooky ‘Le Mystere de la Musique‘ series, you probably love ‘Random Access Memories’ and I think you’ll really enjoy this mix.  Stream it or download it after the “more” link.

Featured on the mix are Amon Duul II in a mode that will shock (and hopefully happily surprise) if you’re only familiar with their earlier krautrock work, as well as fellow German auteur Zeus B. Held, and of course, il maestro Giorgio in his Munich Machine guise.  Library wizards Brian Bennett, Francis Personne (a pseudonym, I’m guessing), Vuolo & Grande, and Roland Bocquet further prove some of the best music of the 70s wasn’t available commercially, but instead soundtracked commercials.  The mercurial Beaver & Krause, witty Harry Nilsson, and earnest OMD inhabit some of the same emotional territory as Paul Williams’ “Touch”.  The Jacksons, Cerrone, Gino Soccio, and Curt Boettcher (of Millennium fame) bring the groove, while Le Orme and Stardrive provide some driving rock edge.  William Sheller works with sweeping strings and soaring pedal steel, and Space Art provide an incredible track that could probably fool a few people as being Daft Punk themselves.  Finally, Brian Eno and Cluster provide a lovely coda (like the Japanese-only closer for ‘Random Access Memories,’ “Horizon,” which really should’ve been on all versions of the album).

Various Artists – ‘The Gold and the Silver Dream’ (2013)
(After Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’)

01 [00:00] Amon Duul II – “Spaniards & Spacement” (Only Human, 1978)
02 [05:43] Brian Bennett – “Solstice” (Voyage, 1978)
03 [11:43] Beaver & Krause – “Looking Back Now” (All Good Men, 1972)
04 [15:35] William Sheller – “Inroit” (Lux Aterna, 1972)
05 [18:45] Zeus B. Held – “Nice Mover (Backing)” (Nice Mover (Gina X), 1979)
06 [22:51] The Jacksons – “Wondering Who” (Triumph, 1980)
07 [27:08] Francis Personne – “Fresques” (Towards, 1977)
08 [30:04] Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – “Romance of the Telescope” (“Joan of Arc”, 1981)
09 [33:20] Vuolo & Grande – “Leaving” (Desert, 1979)
10 [37:27] Roxy Music – “The Space Between” (Avalon, 1982)

11 [41:58] Space Art – “Welcome to Love” (Play Back, 1980)
12 [48:33] Le Orme – “Al Mercato delle Pulci” (Storia o Leggenda, 1977)
13 [52:29] Cerrone – “Give Me Love” (Supernature, 1977)
14 [56:53] Roland Bocquet – “Paradia” (Robot Rose, 1982)
15 [61:38] Nilsson- “The Moonbeam Song (Demo)” (Nilsson Schmilsson, 1971)
16 [65:05] Curt Boettcher – “California Music” (California Music, 1978)
17 [68:16] Gino Soccio – “Closer” (Closer, 1981)
18 [72:03] Munich Machine – “In Love With Love” (Whiter Shade of Pale, 1977)
19 [78:17] Stardrive – “Funkascensions” (Stardrive, 1974)
20 [83:49] Eno & Cluster – “The Shade (Excerpt)” (After the Heat, 1978)

[Total Time: 85:00]

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