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Spermbirds – Something To Prove / Nothing Is Easy (1988) CD

Band: Spermbirds

Album: Something To Prove / Nothing Is Easy

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Flight 13

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 28 Tracks CD

German Hardcore Punk band from Rodenbach (near Kaiserslautern), formed in 1983. The band first split up in 1987, but re-formed again in 1989. The band then split up again in 1996, and was eventually re-formed by Lee Hollis in 1999.

Lee Hobson Hollis (vocals)
Steve Wiles (guitar)
Roger Ingenthron (guitar)
Markus Weilemann (bass)
Matthias "Beppo" Götte (drums)

Past members:
Frank Rahm (guitar 1983 - 2007)
Ken Haus (vocals 1993 - 1995)
Joe Strübe (guitar 1983 - 1985)

28 Tracks
1 Something To Prove2:41
2 What A Bitch Is1:22
3 You're Not A Punk2:19
4 Playboy Subscriber2:17
5 Kill Me Quick2:29
6 What Do You Want (R.R.)?1:33
7 My God Rides A Skateboard2:02
8 Americans Are Cool1:45
9 Get On The Stage2:04
10 No Punks In K-Town / Scumbag1:48
11 Shit Job2:21
12 Bed Tool1:26
13 Try Again3:52
14 Bloodstains1:32
15 Die Sgt. Landry2:07
16 Your Problem3:27
17 Nothing Is Easy2:13
18 Cave2:04
19 Another Dead Friendship2:28
20 It's Just An Excuse2:56
21 Lights Out0:46
22 Texas Cowboy1:37
23 My Brother1:50
24 12 8-Packs1:46
25 We Don't Care1:46
26 Americans Are Cool2:14
27 What Do You Want (R.R.)?1:50
28 Try Again4:12

Tracks 1-14: Something To Prove originally released as a LP in 1986 on We Bite Records.

Tracks 15-28: Nothing Is Easy originally released as a LP in 1988 on We Bite Records.

Tracks 26-28 are live tracks, they were recorded at Spermbirds farewell concert at the Jugendzentrum in Freudenstadt.

Track 10 are actually 2 tracks.

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