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Split Single’s Jason Narducy releases new charity EP, Live in Duluth GA: Stream/Download

It’s been nearly a year since Jason Narducy’s own Split Single dropped its sophomore album, Metal Frames. Now, the Chicago singer-songwriter has returned with a new EP he’s calling Live in Duluth GA. As its namesake implies, the EP was recorded in the titular Southern town, and you can hear that rustic charm in the five tracks provided, from “Monolith” to closing strummer “Flag”.

Currently, the album’s being sold on Bandcamp for five dollars, and true to the guy’s benevolent spirit, he’s donating any artist proceeds from the first two weeks straight to the ACLU. Pretty good of him, huh? And if you like what you hear, you can check him out on tour starting tomorrow. He’s going through an intriguing run all month that includes some intimate living room concerts.

Peep it all below.

Live in Duluth GA Tracklist:
01. Intro/Still Invisible
02. Monolith
03. Last Goodbye
04. Never Look Back
05. Flag

Jason Narducy 2017 Tour Dates:
11/09 – New York City, NY @ KGB Red Room
11/10 – Baltimore, MA @ Living Room Concert
11/11 – Richmond, VA @ Living Room Concert
11/12 – Winston-Salem, NC @ Heyday Guitars
11/14 – Charleston, SC @ The Royal American
11/15 – Carrboro, NC @ The Station
11/16 – Cambridge, MA @ The Plough & Stars (Free Show)
11/17 – Washington, DC @ Living Room Concert
11/18 – Harrisburg, PA @ GK Visual (Free Show)
11/19 – Columbus, OH @ Living Room Concert
12/02 – Evanston, IL @ The Wine Goddess

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