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Band Name: The Forgotten Rebels

Music Album: Tomorrow Belongs To Us

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Other Peoples Music

Album Release Country: Canada

Music Record Type: 19 Tracks CD

Punk band from Ontario, Canada. Their first recording was a 1978 demo.

19 Tracks
1 National Unity
2 3rd Homosexual Murder
3 Reich 'N Roll
4 Angry
5 You're A Rebel Too
6 In Love With The System
7 New Wave Girl
8 National Unity
9 Reich 'N Roll
10 Angry
11 Surfin' On Heroin
12 Own Little World
13 This Ain't Hollywood
14 Popples
15 Bomb The Boats
16 White Trash Of America
17 I Think Of Her
18 Fuck Me Dead
19 Elvis Is Dead

CD compilation release of four early recordings.

Tracks 1 to 4 from "Tomorrow Belongs To Us E.P.", 1978

Tracks 5 to 10 from "Burning The Flag" cassette, 1978

Tracks 11 to 14 from "Chris Houston Demos", 1980

Tracks 15 to 19 from "Ceder Lounge Live", 1980

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