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A record that was eternally waiting to be digitized is the following little notable complation that came out on Bunker Music and today it is done. Four great speedys: Cólera kick off with an untypical Brazilian one, a solid mid-tempo number with excellent lyrics, we know aggressive tones from the boys, Dunkle Tage from Göttingen with a live track, very dynamic and fast but I can’t still warm with them, not my case. WDM from Finland is rather my taste, uncompromising Hardcorepunk with fat sound and an exclusive track, not on their 7Inches include. Rounded off by the Bingener metalpunk combo Circle Of Sig-Tiü which tell us what they think about Germany, a real blast and I can only agree with them, thirty years later and nothing has changed, aahhh.. I love their dirty rough sound. They made three good records and came to an end in 1988. Now one more Jever and ripping another slab and you grab this first-class EP before the sun goes down.

1.Somos Vivos – CÓLERA
2.Nehmt Euer – DUNKLE TAGE
3.The Key – WDM
4.Third Reich In Disguise – CIRCLE OF SIG-TIÜ

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