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4 bands, 4 blogs, 1 split. It’s the PremieRing 2: Electric Boogaloo, a collaborative effort between 4 different blogs to premiere 4 different tracks off of one 4-way split. You might remember last year’s PremieRing, that this blog had the privilege of participating in. Well, it’s happening again, and this time we’ve got Lytic/Amitié/Pique/Chivàla, and I’ve got an incredible track from NYC’s Pique to share. After a solid demo track released last year, the three-piece are back with a heart-shattering new anthem titled “No Room To Bloom”. It’s a mind-blowing track that b you can check out through the exclusive stream below.
“No Room To Bloom” hits everything on the checklist of things you could want out of a screamo song. Their dual vocals exchange screams, while discordant rhythms pulse with energy; for their second released track, they play off each other expertly. It peaks in a heavy but gorgeous cresecendo. With shoegaze-levels of distortion and hints of melody in the guitar, the mid-to-end section of this song is truly overwhelming. So much so that I found myself playing it over and over again just to hear that wave of beauty break up the early tension built. It’s a track of duality in more ways than one, striking an indefinable emotional chord. Fans of bands like Raein or Carrion Spring, listen closely to this.
Check out the next track on the split over at This Noise Is Ours
You can also head back to hear the past two tracks on the split here: 
The 12″ for the entire split will be available in spring/summer of 2019, and will be released by Zegema Beach Records (USA/Canada), Moment Of Collapse (Germany) and Shove Records (Italy), with some amazing artwork done by Natty Perekin.
Pique will be touring later in April with the also-amazing Terry Green. Dates/info are available here

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