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Downhaul are a four-piece indie/emo band from Richmond, Virginia that began in 2016. After a handful of EP’s, they released their debut full-length album today, titled Before You Fall Asleep. Even after a single listen, I am already incredibly impressed. There’s a definite influence from bands like The Hotelier or Into It. Over It., with a focus on incredible songwriting,  backed by some impressive musicianship and incredibly clean production. These songs are super catchy, with solid lyrics and an energy still rooted in pop sensibilities. I don’t know what to say really, I’m out of practice for this at the moment, haha. It’s an awesome record, and one that’s going to be getting the multiple listen treatment for the coming future. Definitely recommended. Enjoy.

1. Fifteen/Eighteen
2. Old Wood
3. Driveway
4. Expire

1. How Things Worked Out
2. Every Few Weeks
3. (Interlude)
4. Always Talk

1. Double Time
3. Park
4. Coming Home

1. Grace Days
2. Lately
3. Wires / Enough
4. Architect
5. Level Set
6. Notched
7. Bedridden
8. Shelf Life
9. Balcony
10. Ring Out

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