.Gif From God

.Gif From God are a six-piece hardcore/emo violence band from Richmond, Virginia that formed in 2015 (presumably) by former members of Caust. Without a doubt this is some of the most ear-shattering music I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a progressive, assaultive blend of hardcore, metalcore, screamo, and grindcore that’s heavy, noisy, discordant, and has more screaming vocal layers than a schizophrenic. Even when the band pulls back to allow for some “melodic” bridges, they never release the tension. Fans of bands like Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Majority Rule, The Number Twelve Looks Like You will undoubtedly dig these unhinged, violent spasms. I cannot recommend this band enough, this shit has me floored. You can grab their stuff over at Zegema Beach Records, if you want to show some support for this incredible band and a fantastic label. Enjoy.

1. adios bozo, this time i’m downloading you straight to hell
2. self pwnage for a narcissistic nutjob
3. rats
4. let’s look at the plague
5. physics problem: sucking nothing but vacuum
6. technology will kill you 111111
7. empty grave, shallow mind, i’m still alive but my mind is head of shit
8. maybe none of us understand what we’ve been through
Note: You can pick up the cassette here

1. no dude, he likes to spray
2. sassafras molasses ass

1. .Gif From God – why i died wide eyed
2. .Gif From God – like a splinter in yr mind
3. Vein – A Crumpled Memo
4. Vein – Progenitor
5. Vein – Ideation: Self-Destruct
6. Vein – While You Weren’t Caring,
Note: You can grab the 7″ here

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