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Union Of Uranus

Union of Uranus (sometimes just Uranus) were a five-piece hardcore/grindcore band from Ottawa, Ontario that were around from 1993 to 1998 (not 100% sure on the years though). Along with One Eyed God Prophecy and a handful of others, this band was a major influence on screamo, particularly bands like Orchid, June Paik, and others like that. Just listen, the similarities are undeniable. Though the band had a few years of activity, their discography is fairly limited. They released a demo, Backhand, in 1994, which would later be re-released on a split with His Hero Is Gone. They also released a split with Immoral Squad, and a 2×7″ titled Disaster By Design. In 2004, a full discography compilation was released, titled To This Bearer of Truth. Grab this now, this is by far one of the most underrated hardcore bands ever. Enjoy.

1. Union Of Uranus – Believer
2. Immoral Squad – Book
3. Immoral Squad – Endless Road

1. Circumstance
2. Face Value
3. Panacea
4. Pedestal
5. Revolve

1. His Hero Is Gone – Friendly Fire
2. His Hero Is Gone – Fool’s Gold
3. His Hero Is Gone – Scare Tactic
4. His Hero Is Gone – Sound The Alarm
5. His Hero Is Gone – Becoming Soil
6. His Hero Is Gone – Raise The Curtain
7. Union Of Uranus – Backhand
8. Union Of Uranus – One Eye Strengthens
9. Union Of Uranus – Weight Of Tomorrow
10. Union Of Uranus – Equilibrate
11. Union Of Uranus – Pressure (Negative Approach cover)

1. Circumstance
2. Face Value
3. Panacea
4. Pedestal
5. Revolve
6. Believer
7. Backhand
8. One Eye Strengthens/Weight Of Tomorrow
9. Equilibrate/Pressure

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Old punks never die

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What We Feel - Hardcore punk moscow

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