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Worst Ever Party are a four-piece indie/emo/punk band from Sarasota, Florida that formed sometime around 2014. They broke up temporarily near the end of 2016, but are now back with a new album in the works. These guys play an incredibly fun, energetic, bedroom-demo style of music. They’re catchy as hell, with fantastic lyrics built around personal anecdotes. Some of it’s acoustic, some of it is full-band. They bear a striking resemblance to very early The Front Bottoms, which is an absolute compliment, as well as Modern Baseball and Mom Jeans. Fans of those bands absolutely need to check this out, they won’t be disappointed. They’ve released a couple of EP’s thus far, as well as Anthology, which contains a good chunk of their recorded material up until now. I’d suggest starting there. Enjoy.

1. Sleeping With My Cellphone
2. Wires
3. You Don’t Party
1. Sleeping With My Cellphone
2. I Drive Past A Light Store On The Way To Your House
3. Lakes
1. Kicking Myself In The Face
2. Come On, Guys
3. Lakes (Acoustic)
1. Cheap Haircuts – Callaway Villas
2. Cheap Haircuts – Paper Cuts
3. Worst Party Ever – Real Sports
4. Worst Party Ever – Dewey
5. Junior College – Deja Vu
6. Junior College – Limescale And Rust
7. I Am Clark Kent – OhLookADonnybrooke
8. I Am Clark Kent – Bronchitis
1. Kicking (myself in the face)
2. 1:30
3. Come on, guys
4. Swimming
1. Big Wave
2. Trying Soda (I Know You So Well)
3. Brian, In Tampa
4. Creeper (Instrumental)

1. Sub Bean Every Day
2. Did The Cubs Just Win The World Series?
3. Trying Soda (I Know You So Well)
4. Trying Harder
5. Ohmygodicantbelieveiforgothowtoplaythis
6. Big Wave
7. Dewey
8. Real Sports
9. Brian In Tampa
10. Kicking Myself In The Face
11. 1:30
12 Come on, Guys
13. Swimming
14. Wires Demo
15. Sleeping With My Cellphone
16. I Drive By A Light Store On The Way To Your House
17. Sleeping With My Cellphone (Demo)
18. Fault Lines (2014)
19. Wires
20. Come On Guys (Demo)
21. Lakes
1. Worst Party Ever – Ganon Main (Demo)
2. Wake Up Spaceboy – I’m Never Leaving Florida

1. Ganon Main
2. Camping

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