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Twelve Hour Turn

Twelve Hour Turn were a four-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Gainesville/Jacksonville, Florida that were around from 1996 to 2002. They played a melodic and technically intricate brand of emo with screamed vocals (if only there were a word for that…). Their off-kilter rhythms and shouted vocals will definitely appeal to fans of Unwound, Drive Like Jehu, and even Hot Water Music. However, the best comparison is to split-mates I Hate Myself, another Florida band who perfected melodrama. They were signed to No Idea Records, and put out quite a decent chunk of music in their time (relative to others like them). Twelve Hour Turn are a fantastic band, simply put, and definitely recommended. Enjoy.

1. Our Son Is Dead
2. An Optional
3. Weary
1. Twelve Hour Turn – Wide Awake
2. Twelve Hour Turn – Flowers For The Dead
1. Twelve Hour Turn – A Letter To My Uncle
2. Twelve Hour Turn – He’d Rather Not Watch
1. I Hate Myself – Fred Mertz Was Most Likely A Bad Poet And A Pervert
2. I Hate Myself – Song For All The Young Casanovas And Casanovettes
3. I Hate Myself – Kamikaze
4. Twelve Hour Turn – Pennyloafer
5. Twelve Hour Turn – Jack
6. Twelve Hour Turn – Call Chance
7. Twelve Hour Turn – Clothesline
8. Twelve Hour Turn – Cassette 

Note: I Hate Myself post here
1. New Snake
2. How To Build
3. Second Story
4. I Get Lively…
5. Ghost Kitty
6. New Rock
7. For Want Of a Real Whole
8. A Mouth of Suitable Size
9. …to Bury The Ugly
10. Little One
11. This Papermill Is Getting Me
1. I, Too, Had Potential
2. It’s Your Move
3. Sink and Swim
4. Preoccupied with the History Department

1. Water Under Bridges Rise
2. Sleep Comes Early For You
3. Like A Cool Breeze Blowing Through Your Wallet
4. Dance Like Everyone Is Watching
5. The Dream Of Youth
6. Manifest Destiny
7. No Tomorrow
8. I Was Raised To Break
9. Don’t Let The Music Die, And Don’t Replace Me

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