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California Cousins are a three-piece emo/post-hardcore/math rock/pop punk band from Rochester, New York that began in 2011. Following two EP’s, they released their debut full-length earlier this year, titled Distant Relatives, and it packs A LOT into its 10 tracks. Sonically, the band encapsulates influence from a litany of semi-related genres (such as the aforementioned), and bring in both melodic and screamed vocals with harsh, distorted guitar tones juxtaposed with mathy, noodly lines and off-kilter rhythms. They don’t ever get stuck in one sound, which really makes each song truly distinct, and a varied listen in both the individual songs and the album as a whole. It’s like they take the rauccous energy of Prince Daddy & The Hyena, with the melodic noodles of You Blew It!, Marietta, or Snowing and the shredding rhythmic dynamics of The Fall Of Troy. Or something like that, California Cousins aren’t the easiest band to pin down, but this album is fucking great, and will definitely appeal to fans of most of the shit posted on this here lil blog. Enjoy.

1. Soft Earth
2. Let The Cold In
3. Your Backyard
4. Benedict Drive
5. Your Kitchen Floor

1. Benedict Drive
2. Early Graves
1. Aspirin
2. Hold This Coupon
3. 7 Minute Freestyle
4. Redeeming Qualities
5. Brockport 1995
6. Simple Math (#1 Two For Fives)
7. Jeff Gordblum (Jeff Goldblum In The Back Of The Jeep, Jeff Gordon In The Passenger Seat)
8. Extendo Weekend
9. Sand In Pockets
10. Camp Shorts

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