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Michael Cera Palin are a three-piece indie/emo/punk band from Atlanta, Georgia that formed in 2015. They’re currently 2 EP’s deep, and their latest one, “I Don’t Know How To Explain It” is spreading like syrup on pancakes, and is just as sweet. They play an uptempo style of emo with a pop punk tinge, making for some energetic tunes (the perfect kind to shout despondent lyrics to). Throw in some occasional Kinsella-twinkle extravaganza, gang vocals, driving drumbeats, and a Sheryl Crow cover, and you’ve got one hell of an EP. Not to mention “Portrait of a Man on a Couch with Cats” is heavenly. To get an idea of their sound, you could make vague comparisons to Remo Drive, Modern Baseball and Mom Jeans., or something like that. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Growing Pains
3. Boots N Cats
4. Mystery
5. Laughing Makes It Worse
1. Admiral Lazercock (Live & Unfinished)
2. Laughing Makes It Worse (Live)
3. Southern Comfort (Live)
4. If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow cover)
5. Boots N Cats (Live)
6. Growing Pains (Live)

1. Portrait of a Man on a Couch With Cats
2. Southern Comfort
3. If It Makes You Happy
4. Admiral
5. Go Home. Play Music. Feel Better.

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