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Glocca Morra were a four-piece emo/indie band originally from Miami, Florida and later from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2007 and broke up in 2015. These guys were one of the best bands who put out one of the best albums in this whole “emo revival” thing. Just Married is right up there with Some Kind of Cadwallader or I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted as one of the Cap’n Jazz (I Wish I Was) albums ever. The band has a fantastic energy with some incredible songs that never take themselves too seriously, but still offer up some potency. I can’t recommend this band enough to someone who thinks an indie/emo/punk hybrid thing sounds bada$$. Enjoy.

1. Ender All
2. Doomsday Patrol
3. Be Afraid!
4. Museum Mouth (Acoustic)
5. Weekend Fires
6. Train Hoppers
7. Fucking Miami
8. Dead Kids
9. Wicked Summer
1. Ego Death
2. Caution Clouds / Sticky Fingers
3. Leech Mansion
4. Fake Teeth
5. Starvation Limits / Tokyo Snow
6. Apocalyptic Showdown
7. Majik City / Sleep Logging
8. Ddementia Pillss
1. The Greek Favourites – Wax Wings
2. The Greek Favourites – Cold Soft Metal
3. Glocca Morra – Bedford Avenue
4. Glocca Morra – New Years Eve (Titan House)
5. Glocca Morra – Weekend At Glen Burnies III 
1. Professional Confessional
2. Little Man
3. Support My Head
4. Nostalgia, As A Place
5. Railing
6. “Them”
1. Y’all Boots Hats? (Die Angry)
2. Irrevocable, Motherfucker
3. Hot & Informed
4. Anniversary Song
5. Why Am I Not Going Under Walter?
6. My Black Dog / Cosmic Being
7. Broken Cigarettes
8. Theories On Relativity By David Nicholas By Glocca Morra
9. Eat The Fucking Snow
10. 40 Hugger / Get Fucked
11. Me + Geniene

1. See Through Person
2. Gun Control
3. For Lauren Lee
4. Kaspar Hauser Lied
5. The Void
6. Deep Pocket

1. Burning Love / Burning Desire
2. Number 2
Note: Glocca Morra side only

1. Wussy Pillow
2. Secret Drinker

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