I’m Glad It’s You


I’m Glad It’s You are are a four-piece emo/indie/punk band from Redlands, California that have been around since 2014. They play an energetic yet melancholic brand of emo that most likely takes some Braid and Hey Mercedes influence, with a modern midwestern tinge. Fans of bands like Dowsing, Dikembe, Sport and Spraynard will eat this up. Their songwriting is superb, and their vocals/lyrics are of particularly worthy note. To date their discography is fairly small, with only one EP and one LP out (both of which are highly recommended). Daydreamers is a cassette only release that features three alternate versions of songs, and one exclusive track. Enjoy.

1. Curbside
2. Anything But Blue
3. June
4. Minor Acts Of Cannibalism
5. Part Of The Act

1. Daydreams
2. Minor Acts Of Cannibalism
3. June
4. A Long December

1. The Things We Say
2. The Things We Never Lose
3. Parking Tickets
4. Keepsake
5. Curbside
6. Small Talk
7. Communion
8. Revival
9. Time Capsule
10. Daydreams

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