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Oso Oso is an emo/indie project primarily consisting of Jade Lilitri from Long Beach, New York. The project began in 2014 under the name osoosooso before being shortened to Oso Oso. Prior to beginning this solo endeavor, Lilitri was better known as a member of State Lines. Thus far they’ve released two stellar full-lengths, and a recent EP out on Triple Crown.

Sonically, this is a pretty tough project to pin down. Without a doubt they are one of the most unique and beloved modern emo bands around, though they don’t really sound like a lot of their contemporaries. Instead, they take influence from major bands such as Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, and Built To Spill, and create these incredible songs with pop exteriors and emo interiors. Lilitri is an incredible lyricist, which has been obvious since the first State Lines record, but with Oso Oso he has really stepped up his craft to string together some beautiful lines to cut underneath the catchy melodies.

I can’t recall exactly where I first heard this description (probably some online comment), but it was something along the lines of “Oso Oso is the sound of being sad at the beach”, which is a pretty accurate description of their duality. This applies in particular to The Yunahon Mixtape, his most celebrated release. There’s not much more to rant about here, this band has been requested to death for years upon years, so here ya finally go. Enjoy.

1. Moving In
2. A Bunch Of Things I Don’t Know
3. Neighbors
4. Safe
5. The Expiration Date
6. Para ‘effin dise, Baby!
7. Mike Isn’t Down With Punctuation

1. Free Throw – Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer
2. Oso Oso – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
1. Track One, Side A
2. Wet Grass or Cold Cement
3. Another Night
4. Where You’ve Been Hiding
5. How It Happened
6. Josephine
7. Interlude
8. Easy Way Out
9. This Must Be A Place
10. This Must Be An Entrance
11. This Must Be My Exit
1. the cool
2. reindeer games
3. the walk
4. the bearer of the truths
5. get there (when you’re there)
6. great big beaches
7. shoes (the sneaker song)
8. the slope
9. the secret spot
10. the plant mouth
11. out of the blue

1. gb/ol h/nf
2. subside

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