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I Create are a screamo/post-rock/post-hardcore band from Woodstock, Georgia that formed in 2006. They released an EP and LP in 2007 and 2008 respectively, all while its members were still in high school. They remained inactive after 2009, though their legacy only continued to grow. For many years they were seen as this fabled band, who dropped this beyond incredible material and then just disappeared. Sonically, they blend a heavy post-rock influence with intensive climaxes, topped by incredibly emotional vocals that border on tears. Of course this description will inevitably draw the Envy/City of Caterpillar comparisons (not a bad thing by a long shot), but I Create were exceptional in crafting beautiful songs that resolutely stood the test of time.

In 2013, the band returned for a reunion show. Fast track to 2017, and the band have launched a full-blown comeback. They are touring in Europe this month, and have their 2008 LP, All We Are Is Now pressed to vinyl for the first time (plus their magnum opus from their EP, “Your Sun Is A Destroyer”). They’ve recorded two new tracks for this reissue, “Veneer” and “Fear of Due Season”, which were also released separately as a single. I Create have been one of the most heavily requested bands since this blog’s inception, so I’m happy to finally get them on here. Enjoy.

1. Onset
2. This Needle Points North
3. Adrift
4. Your Sun Is A Destroyer
5. Harbor

1. Void Walker
2. Resilience I
3. Adrift
4. Brother, To You
5. Bring Me Back
6. Resilience II
7. Song For Youth
8. Good To Know
9. Harbor

1. Veneer
2. Fear Of Due Season

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