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Young Mountain are a five-piece screamo/post-rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden that have been around since 2013. Since then they’ve been fairly prolific with consistent solid releases. The band takes the base of their sound from the atmospheric, rise and fall post-rock influence of bands like This Will Destroy You (whose debut album Young Mountain presumably get their name from). On top of that they throw in hard-hitting screamed vocals, haunting sung vocals, reverb-washed melodic guitars, and the ability to produce dynamic-shifting tracks of dark, emotional catharsis. Fans of the post-rock/shoegaze and screamo/post-hardcore blend will dig this, since it brings to mind other titans of the genre such as Envy,  Deafheaven, or early Pianos Become The Teeth. Their most recent release, Lost Tree is an absolutely immense record, and probably their best to date. If you’re new to this band, I’d suggest starting there, though We’re Drowning in Slowmotion is also incredible. Enjoy.

1. För Alltid Var Bara Något Vi Sa

1. Jag Begravde Solen
2. Dessa Väggar Viskar
3. Seasons Apart
4. Growing Hands
5. Your Name Means Loved
1. Hildedal
2. Arctic Smile
3. Månen Stal Min Själ
4. .
1. The Garden Of Biological Machines
2. HMS Slowmotion

1. Young Mountain – Pilträdsvillan
2. Young Mountain – Bloom
3. Vivre Sa Vie – Ehler-Danlos
4. Vivre Sa Vie – Shield
5. La Petite Mort / A Little Death – Intro
6. La Petite Mort / A Little Death – Windchime
7. La Petite Mort / A Little Death – This Name Rings A Bell

1. Asunder, To Eye Each Other
2. The Sun Is Away
3. ///////////////
4. Misery
5. Juni
6. Vacant Eyes
7. Lost Tree
8. I Flew Above Your House Last Night
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