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Boneflower are a three-piece post-hardcore/screamo/post-rock band from Madrid, Spain that began in 2015. Thus far they’ve released one EP and one LP, but have quickly become one of the most notable voices in the new music-with-screams scene. Sonically, they play with a post-rock foundation, utilizing dynamic rises and falls and melodic, reverb-laden instrumentation to create a massive, full sound. They cut through that with some sharp lead guitars, pounding drums, and vocals that range from screamed to sung to spoken word, and everything in between. Their debut album, Empty Rooms, Full Bodies explores a plethora of sounds and emotions, making for a very dynamic and versatile listen. The somber acoustic tracks “Sol” and “To pieces” stand in stark contrast to ragers like “Aching absence” or “Andromeda”, while still maintaining a seamless record. Boneflower is highly recommended for fans of bands such as Moving Mountains, Old Gray, Trophy Scars, Pianos Become The Teeth, and Men As Trees, (or some hybrid of all the aforementioned). Enjoy.

1. Land and Sand
2. Unfading
3. Unexplainable
4. I’ll be the Bones, You’ll be the Soul
5. Neverending

1. We’re gonna die, we don’t care.
2. Aching absence
3. King
4. City Lights
5. Sol
6. Andromeda
7. Love
8. Elocin (you’re not alone)
9. To pieces
10. Nothing changes
11. Sunsets in the backyard
12. Purple dreams

1. MM
2. Seashells
3. Wanderers
Note: These are three separate singles that band has released in 2018. I included them all in one download for convenience’s sake, but the files all contain individual artwork/album names

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