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Flashlight were a five-piece indie/emo band from Chicago, Illinois that briefly existed between 1996-1997. They put out one LP in that time, Poetry Class ’96. What’s notable about this band is the inclusion of Victor Villarreal, who is best known as the guitarist of Cap’n Jazz. When they first broke up in 1995, Flashlight was the next band he formed, before moving on to the better-known Ghosts and Vodka and Owls. Amongst the many bands in the Cap’n Jazz family canon, Flashlight tend to be pretty overlooked, though their sole LP is a fairly unique effort. The jangly, bright and energetic guitars of Cap’n Jazz are still hinted at here, but with a strong Slowdive influence with their ethereal vocals and chorus-laden mix. Give ‘er a listen. Enjoy.

1. The Song Formally Known As Princess
2. Spider
3 Moon Boots
4. (untitled)
5. Syrup
6. Devine Electrifying Induction
7. Pinball
8. Mathias Wick

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