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Droughts are a four-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2010. Up until this point, all I was really familiar with in regards to this band was their splits, which were with some incredible bands (one with William Bonney, and another with Prawn, Frameworks, and Kittyhawk). Fast-forward to 2017, and they just released a new full-length which I figured I’d check out, and I have to say, it’s absolutely fantastic. The odd rhythms, bass-heavy riffs, angular guitars, and screamed/shouted vocals all harken back to a ton of the great post-hardcore bands that came out of the underground punk scene in the 90’s. Specifically, their Bandcamp references Shotmaker, an incredible band and perfect point of comparison. It also mentions These Arms Are Snakes, which is another definite clear influence. Victor! Fix The Sun and The Reptilian also come to mind, while we’re in the midst of rallying off band names here. Overall, Stay Behind is a highly recommended listen, especially for someone looking for good, modern post-hardcore that still stays true to the genre’s roots. Enjoy.

1. Stillborn
2. No Blood Loss
3. Paper Cut Outs
1. Droughts – Class Of ’09
2. Droughts – Body Of Glass
3. William Bonney – The Rapture
4. William Bonney – Red River
5. William Bonney – Robbie Hansen
1. Kittyhawk – Daily Dodger
2. Kittyhawk – Food Fight
3. Prawn – Nerves
4. Prawn – Laki
5. Droughts – Deaf Grin
6. Droughts – Financed Furniture
7. Frameworks – Presomnal
8. Frameworks – Preamble
1. Closer
2. I Wish I Had Your Optimism
3. Stay Behind
4. Deaf Grin
5. Financed Future
6. Class Of ’09
7. Body Full Of Glass
8. Stillborn
9. No Blood Loss
10. Paper Cut Outs
1. Welcome Back
2. God City
3. Pure Carbon
4. I Wish I Had Your Optimism
5. Marionette
6. Remove Yourself
7. Cutouts
8. Lose Light
9. Mainstay
10. Stay Behind
11. Never Done

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