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Download Abortion – Have A Nice Day (2020) CD Album Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Abortion

Music Album: Have A Nice Day

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Grindcore Death Metal Crust

Record Label: Obscene Productions

Album Release Country: Czech Republic

Music Record Type: 25 Tracks CD Album

Grindcore band from Slovakia. Formed in 1989.


25 Tracks
1 Intro / Forever Money1:28
2 God Loves Ignorant0:59
3 I Disgace For Its Nation1:37
4 Religion Slaughter1:01
5 Safeguard Tradition0:46
6 Comrade Punk0:57
7 Have A Good Time Friends1:39
8 I Am Not Bad0:59
9 Your Are Suspect1:39
10 Give Me Leader1:13
11 Earth On Today1:13
12 Black Fashion2:53
13 Life Is War1:23
14 That Which Not Belong To You1:30
15 Kill Your Politics1:14
16 Speech Me Lie0:16
17 Always Forward0:34
18 Railway Song0:07
19 Suction4:37
20 For God... For Nation / Animal Dream5:29
21 Nacht Un Nebel1:01
22 Justice For The Rich1:28
23 Too Weak1:34
24 Fucking System1:36
25 J.F.T.R.0:40

Songs 1-19 were recorded, mixed and mastered on September 2002 at the Moonset-Paladis Studio Šaľa /Slovakia/.

Songs 20-26 were recorded, mixed and mastered on April 1997 at the "J" studio Trnava.

These songs were previously released on the "Charity" Demo.

Track 19 is a Godflesh cover.

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